August 20, 2014: Our Sponsor of the Week is Piranha Ultrasonic Cleaning & Restoration


We provide precision ultrasonic cleaning services to high performance motorsports industries from beyond. From radiators to oil coolers to helmets and brake components, it's not clean until it's PIRANHA CLEAN!


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AUGUST 11, 2014: Our Sponsor of the Week is INSANE SHAFTS

“We design our own axles from similar OEM specs but re-engineered them to provide the end user with not only a better product but a stronger and more durable CV axle. Insane Shafts has developed an affordable high quality product for all your racing needs.  Whether for drag racing, road racing or daily use, these axles have proven to last.

We offer a wide variety of CV axles specializing in Honda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan performance axles.  Insane Shafts has a long history of developing custom CV axles for many off-road vehicles.

This swap axle requires no hub or spindle modifications (even swap axles).  It has been designed to give the consumer the best product for the money and have stood toe to toe against all your bigger stage axles.”

  - Mike Evans / CEO

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AUGUST 8, 2014: DR Motorsports is excited to introduce new product lines to our shop

 Injector Dynamics   Grimm Speed   Kart Boy   Invidia   Cobb Tunning   TOMEI   Perrin Performance   WHITELINE 



AUGUST 4, 2014: Our Sponsor of the Week is CLUTCH MASTERS


High Technology Makes the Difference

Historically, high performance clutches have been a compromise. While improving holding or clamping pressure, manufacturers nearly always increase pedal pressure to an uncomfortable point, especially for stop-and-go traffic.

Besides drivability concerns, additional pedal pressure can adversely affect stock clutch linkage and cause premature thrust bearing wear, leading to missed shifts, damaged clutch components and even engine destruction.

Today, thanks to Clutch Masters, increased holding pressure does not necessarily mean increased pedal pressure and the problems that can accompany it. By re-engineering the leverage or fulcrum point on the pressure plate through their Hi-Leveragetm technique, Clutch Masters has increased clamping power, often without changing pedal pressure.

Excessively increased pedal pressure, as found in many of today's traditional high performance clutches, places an unsafe amount of pressure on the delicate crankshaft thrust bearing found in most of today's sport compact automobiles. Placing undue stress on the thrust bearing typically causes the bearing to wear prematurely or fail altogether. This failure can lead to catastrophic internal engine damage.

A clutch, simply put, is a friction device that disengages and engages the engine from the transmission to allow for transition from motionless to movement and for gear changes. For street applications a smooth transition of power is essential while still being able to transfer all the power of the engine to the transmission. As power output of engines increase and demands on clutches become greater - for example high performance street or racing cars - the holding and clamping capacity of a clutch also must increase. This is where Clutch Masters' innovative engineering comes into play

Features of the Clutch Masters Pressure Plates

Power Plus Itm pressure plates

Hi-Leverage pressure plate design

  • Precision Heat Treated single diaphragm*
  • Re-arched diaphragm for superior disengagement*
  • Ductile Iron pressure plate*
  • Heavy-duty straps
  • Very high clamping force
  • No unnecessary increase in pedal pressure

Power Plus IItm pressure plates

Hi-Leverage plate design

  • Precision Heat-Treated multiple diaphragms
  • Special friction-reducing material between the diaphragms to eliminate diaphragm binding
  • Made from Ductile Iron when called for Heavy-duty straps
  • Exceptionally high clamping force
  • Heavy pedal pressure


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